Geographical layout of Kaliose

At current you would know the three geographical land marks of Kaliose, an island continent somewhere between 2 and 3 times the size of England. If you chose to have your character from somewhere other then Pailore I can talk to you about what other landmarks you may know.

Frost Teeth Mountains

The south of Kaliose is known for three things: It’s bitter winters that last 9 out of the twelve months, it’s newly erected, icy temple to Lumea and the Mountains that cut it off from most of the rest of the continent.

The Frost Teeth Mountains are named as they look – large flat topped mountains, capped in white the year round. There are gaps, but for the most part the rage is so tightly packed together that on the approach they look like a perfect set of pearly whites.

Lake Terralith

The huge glassy heart of Kaliose. Spanning nearly a fifth of the continent, it has also been known as the Mirrored Sea or, to those more touchy on the subject, the Elven Barrier as at the lakes centre sits an island which is shore to shore spires and castles of the Elven Kingdom.

Leap of Faith

A out crop on the cliffs to the east of the continent. While the cliffs themselves have no special meaning or legends the out crop itself has long been called the Leap of Faith, largely as where the land finally gives way to the sheer drop into the sea, a wall of mist is not 3 meters further on. It has been long forgotten what is beyond the misty veil as those who have taken a Leap, have never returned.

Geographical layout of Kaliose

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