Main Settlements of Kaliose

Again, not an extensive list, but the two area’s you may know of. Again if you wish to play something from somewhere else we can discuss.

The Kingdom of Pailore, Capital of Kaliose

The home, the settlement – Pailore, once a small town quietly getting by has spiralled over hundreds of years into the thriving glorious kingdom it is today. All walks of life can be found there, every species having walked through at one time or another and left something behind.

The Royal Family, however, is – largely – human, with a few off shoot having married outside their species. King Lucian has reigned just and fair for close to 40 years now having never officially taken a wife. Their are rumours, of course, as any Royal Family would expect there to be, but as of yet their has been no announcement of the pilgrimage and so it has remained just that – a rumour.

Thlalian, The Eleven Kingdom

Spreading shore to shore on the island in the middle of the Mirrored Sea – which is the preferred Elven name for the lake – Thlalian is a beautiful city full of vibrance and art. One would think being as isolated as it is, with no land left on which to farm, it would be struggling to get by on trade – and yet, there is no talk of strife or draw backs from its positioning in the waters or its dense city scape.

Farryn, Sovereign of the Elves that live on the island, has been ruling as such for nearing 200 years and it is long known that she has been promoting friendship with the Kingdom of Pailore after her Mother, Tsarra, nearly brought the two of Kingdoms to war.

Main Settlements of Kaliose

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