Religion and the Gods

The religion of Kaliose is based around a loose pantheon of Gods and Goddesses – each watching over their own domain and purview and guiding those who worship them to the best of their abilities. While some God’s are more popular than others, their is no over arching ruler of the Pantheon – no King or Queen nor Parent of the God’s. Unfortunately there are those that lean the other way, however, so far out from the scope that they receive very little attention at all and some which have faded from knowledge completely.

If you wish to have a character who is devoted to one of these Gods, let me know and I can talk to you a little more about the specifics of their worship. Also let me if you wish to follow a god of something that is not listed here – there may well be one you can follow :)

Anbris and Luysus – Keepers of the Balance

Alignments: Both are Natural
Purview: Anbris is of the Dark, Luysus is of the Light
Symbol: A coin

Never one with out the other, the worship of Anbris and Luysus is always in tandem so as to keep the balance of the world. When symbolising Anbris, the coin is embossed with the image of a cracked mask. Where as for Luysus, it is that of a weeping woman.

Azah – Master of Merryment

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Purview: Summer and Revelry
Symbol: A grape vine wrapped around a horn

One of four Son’s of Lidia and as he who was born in the summer is therefore devoted to it. His symbology is often found at parties and farms dedicated to producing wines and meeds and once a year at the high of summer, a festival is held in his name.

Cazuk – Master of Progress

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Purview: Autumn and Change
Symbol: A crown of autumn leaves

Youngest of Lidia’s son’s, Cazuk was born as the first of the autumnal leaves fell and thus devotes his gaze to the season of change. He is also known for his love of change, his symbology surrounding just about every major coup of the last 1000 years.

Emrus – The Sharpest Arrow

Alignment: Neutral Good
Purview: Animals and The Hunt
Symbol: Three diagonal claw marks, from top left to bottom right

Favourite among hunters and cattle herders alike, legend dictates that Emrus the Shepard hand ascended to Godhood after slaying the Black Dragon Liera. The tales vary from region to region whether he did it out of pity for the Dragon cursed or out of Heroism Defending the new village of Pailore, but everyone agree’s that an arrow blessed by his hand is to be a sharp as the one that pierced Liera’s heart.

Enera – The Fading Light

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Purview: Trickery
Symbol: A fading Ten pointed star

Goddess of jokes, trickery, mind games and cons. Enera isn’t much popular, but she is favoured by street magicians and gamblers all. Where you find her symbol trouble will not be far behind.

Feisis – Sovereign of Embers

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Purview: Fire and Change
Symbol: What looks like a crack in stone in the shape of a flame

Usually overshadowed by the more popular Cazuk it is not often that Feisis see’s much devotion these days. Formally the God of passionate change, at any cost, he is now, sadly, fading from the Pantheon.

Ilos – Paitron of Invention

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Purview: Knowledge
Symbol: An Intricate Lacy Cog

Favorite among students and inventors, it is most common to find symbols of Ilos in workshops and places of study. Her main temple in Pailore is also the continents largest library.

Jace – The Apprentice

Alignment: Lawful Good
Purview: Knowledge and Magic
Symbol: A Twisted Blue Ribbon

While worship of Ilos is more widely spread, those who practice the art of Magic often turn their devotion the way of Jace who’s worship is far more quite. With no temples, followers of Jace often just carry with them a token of their symbol with them.

Leoko – Broker of Deals

Alignment: Neutral
Purview: Bargains and Promises
Symbol: Two Locked Chain-links

Fickle and often considered tricky, Leoko is said to have a record of very deal ever made, be they in his name or not. And the God’s help you if he considers you to have broken one unfairly.

Lidia – Mother of All

Alignment: Neutral
Purview: Life and Nature
Symbol: A silhouette of a woman’s face with golden tears

Lidia is referred to as the Mother of All as it was she who gave birth to the 4 Gods of seasons – Samua, Azah, Lumea and Cazuk. For this reason her symbology is often found around pregnancies, farms and children’s homes. The reason behind her symbol has long been forgotten by time.

Lumea – Master of Shadows

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Purview: Winter and Thievery
Symbol: A single feather, usually black or iridescent blue

Lumea is the oldest of the Siblings of Season, having been born in the depths of winter. He is often associated with cold reason and acts of unnecessary harshness though those who are devoted to his path would see it otherwise necessary and a balance to be maintained. His symbology is usually spotted in association with bandits, but more recently has come in to use in the more southern parts of the Kaliose where winter is most bitter.

Marik – Of the Dusty Roads

Alignment: Neutral Good
Purview: Journeys
Symbol: A four pointed star

Adventurers, Traverling Entertainers, Pilgrims… Those that find their life on the roads tend to send their prayers to Marik . Naturally his symbology is found on mile stones or land marks often used as way-points across the fields and mountains – but the density of these tributes have since turned each into a shrine of devotion to the God.

Samua – Master of Hearts

Alignment: Lawful Good
Purview: Spring and Love
Symbol: A rose twisted with a daisy

Marriage, young love, lost partners – these are the realms that Samua protects. He takes pity on the brokenhearted and provides comfort for the trapped. They say he works in ways that are often hard for meer mortals to understand. Even as the second oldest of Lidia’s son’s, people often speak of a young face, fresh as spring and bright with optimism for the coming year

Sonel – Mistress of Tides

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Purview: Sea
Symbol: A 6 layer helix

Where Marik is worshipped by sailors and fishermen alike, Sonel is feared an respected. Also known as The Eyes of the Depths , she is the bringer of storms and the claimer of souls lost to her sea’s.

Xoaris – Bastion of Vengeance

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Purview: War
Symbol: A bloodied fist

Xoaris finds her followers in spurned lovers, widows, orphans and wronged parties. Certainly one of the smaller Goddesses of Kaliose, her power does have its peaks and she is often viewed as hungry for its return.

Yara – Protector of Justice

Alignment: Lawful Good
Purview: War and Light
Symbol: A sun cresting over a down pointed sword

Partner to Xoaris is Yara who keeps the peace of war and preaches just and fair combat with out petty grievances. She values the honourable solider, the true leader. Will cowardice is not acceptable, she encourages thought before the fight.

Ystia – Keeper of Souls

Alignment: Neutral
Purview: Death
Symbol: A fractured circle

Little is known about Ystia as worship of death is uncommon. They are not outlawed, but those who walk the path of the Keeper are insular and perceived to be outside the social norms. They are called upon at funerals only and it is rare to see the sign of a fractured circle anywhere but their temple in Oakfell.

Religion and the Gods

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