Factions and Organizations of Note

Again, more factions then this exist we can discuss at Character Gen if any other may fit into your character in some way.

The Crowns Guard

Are what they say on the tin – the Guard employed by the Royal Family of Pailore to protect the crown when the need is there. These days that has mostly meant standing in front of the Castle gates and trying not to fall asleep while keeping tourists and adventurers out.

Very occasionally it means following King Lucian on an excursion into the City and even more rarely outside the Kingdom – a fraction of the time to Thlalian.

The Crowns Guard doesn’t have a strict demographic but it is rare to see the rougher walks of life among their ranks. But Lucian is keen to have the guard reflect the people he rules and as such no person wishing to join has ever been turned away from the trials of entry.

Mechanically entry into The Crowns Guard opens up at lvl 3, if you start in this faction as a group you will be at lvl 5

Hands of Emrus

The Kingdom of Pailore’s adventuring guild. If you need something doing, this tends to be where you go – taking any thing from long haul delivery jobs to dealing with the pests that occasionally pick on the outskirts of the city.

While the God Emrus is the patron of the Guild, membership is open to all and in no way are you expected to pay tribute to Emrus or will you be shunned for following another God or Goddess devoutly. However it is up to you if you wear the crest of the Guild, comprising of Emrus’s three claw marks and an arrow crossing over each of them.

Mechanically entry into the Hands of Emrus open up right from lvl 1 and as such you will be starting lvl characters is you start here

Factions and Organizations of Note

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