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Welcome to Kaliose…

The world in which Tales Untold will be set. These pages here endeavour to introduce you to the world and the people you could meet with-in it, but it is in no way an extensive guide. Somethings are too hidden from public knowledge, others I simply haven’t thought of yet and there is room for you to put your mark on the world.

Have a read of these pages and come to me with questions, idea’s, criticisms (if you dare anger the DM of course ;P) I’ll be more then happy to help you mould a place for yourself with in these words.

The only rule I have at this point and will be presented to you at the beginning of character gen – the whole group must decide together: Are you members of the of the Adventurous Guild (starting at lvl 1) or The Crowns Guard (starting at lvl 5)…?

Geographical layout of Kaliose
Main Settlements of Kaliose

Religion and the Gods
Factions and Organizations of Note

Main Page

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